Monday, March 28, 2011

My Flannel

My flannel already arrived a few days ago. I just bought a few of them, from Craft Girl. For the first time when i opened the wrapped i only excited to know the thickness. Because i read from the other blog that the flannel are more soft from felt. So?? It's true, the flannel are more softer than felt and it's colourful. In my mind, i thought that i can used flannel as my blanket when i touch it at the first day it's arrived at my house,, it's so soft.

It's also have many colours likes felt cloth. You just select your best preferred colours for your products. People usually used flannel to made a pillow but sometime they also used flannel to make keychain, purse etc. So, i bought for what? Hehe.. I want to make a pillow too. Have a request from my aunt to make 4 pillow for her car.


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