Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Colourful Tag Name

Item Name : Colourful Tag Name
Item Code : TNM 001
Price : RM 2.00 - RM 4.00 each.

This colourful tag name ordered by Ustazah Khaimi for her child. Finally i managed to cut the letters and glue the letters well. Different than tag name that i made before this, it's seem a bit grimy.

Order From Nurul

Front View

Back View

This items ordered by Nurul. She's ordered pink mini purse with a cute hello kitty and a small cute bear keychain.

I Love U

This is ring keychain order by Ina . Maybe she want this keychain for her own use or as a present for her beloved one. ;P She choose batik pattern for her ring keychain and a big green bead to make her ring keychain look decorative.

Small Cute Bear

Item Name : Small Cute Mini Bear
Code Item : MN 001
Size : 3.8cm x 3.8cm
Price : RM 2.50 each

A small cute bear from felt. I like to sew them very much because they look very cute.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Flannel

My flannel already arrived a few days ago. I just bought a few of them, from Craft Girl. For the first time when i opened the wrapped i only excited to know the thickness. Because i read from the other blog that the flannel are more soft from felt. So?? It's true, the flannel are more softer than felt and it's colourful. In my mind, i thought that i can used flannel as my blanket when i touch it at the first day it's arrived at my house,, it's so soft.

It's also have many colours likes felt cloth. You just select your best preferred colours for your products. People usually used flannel to made a pillow but sometime they also used flannel to make keychain, purse etc. So, i bought for what? Hehe.. I want to make a pillow too. Have a request from my aunt to make 4 pillow for her car.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Toolbox

Yuhuu..this is my toolbox. It's easy for me to managed my threads, beads, buttons and other sewing kit. Actually enjoy to see the colourful buttons in a small white compartment box. Even i have this toolbox sometimes some of my tools likes scissors, ruler, erasable pen are missing in this box. Disappeared because of the evil hands in my house. I really hate when it's happend especially if it lost when i really needed it to managed my artwork.

My Bookmark

This is thread embroidary bookmark specially for my sister. She request blue colour for the background and yellow for her name.


Already done. I also upload some of my handmade items which already done before this. All this keychain are already go to their owner now. Just a simple packaging and It's all order by school student again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mini Domokun

Item Name : Mini Domokun
Item Code : MN 002
Size : 3.5cm x 3.5cm
Price : RM 2.00 each

Mini domokun ordered by my sister friends again. Look weird but still cute right?. =P

Mini Monster

Item Name : Mini Monster
Code Item : MN003
Size : 3.5cm x 3.5cm
Price : RM 2.00

All this order by my sister friends. I don't know what it is, so call it mini monster as their names. Interested to order? Just fill in the order form above

Monday, March 21, 2011

Commercial Name Keychain


Finally it’s finish,,this commercial name keychain ordered by my neighbour, Acik Sumah. She ordered this keychain for her daughter, Nurul Iman. Naughty girl but sweet.. =)  Hope Iman happy with her thread embroidary keychain and a bear from felt. But i cannot upload her bear here, because Iman was very excited when she look at the cute bear. Maybe, she love at the first sight with that keychain. =P So that i did’nt have time to snap a picture of that cute bear. Maybe next time,, Lot of work to do now. See u later, with my craft project.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Brooch

Yuhuu,,Finally i managed to make this brooch. Actually this is my 2nd trial to make it and finally it's as you look like in the picture above. For the 1st trial, i'm fail to sewing it better and it's difficult to fold it properly because the thickness is only 0.5cm. Flower brooch with 3 different colours of felt. I choose dark green,blue black and yellow felt colour to make this brooch. Happy crafting =)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Handphone Casing

Front View
Front View

Back View

100_3112Fusible Interfacing Lining

Size : 7 cm x 12.5 cm
Price : RM6

This is my second handphone casing. Turquise colour with flower theme. I also put fusible interfacing lining inside it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Felt Bookmark

Front View

Back View


Item Name : Felt Bookmark

Item Code : FB 001

Price : RM4 each

B 001 -Sold
B 002 - Sold
B003 - Sold
B004 -Sold

Finally my bookmark finish already. Limited edition.. Colourful bookmark and ready made by me. I just make only a few of them. Really enjoy to sewing the flower stem. For the 2nd photo, you can see nothing at the back of the bookmark right?. So?? For this promotion, you are given a choice whether you want to put a name on the back of the bookmark or not. Charge? it's FREE.  Interested to order, fill in the order form or send email to

Mini Purse

Front View

Back View
Size : 5'' x 3''

Coin purse in pink colour. Special handmade for my mum. A simple coin purse with a simple design. For me, it a multifunction or multipurpose coin purse because, you also can place your handphone not only just coins or notes in this simple and cute purse.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Giant Pencil Case

Front View
Back View

Item Name : Big Pencil Case
Item Code : PSC 001
Size : 21cm x 12.5cm
Price : RM 13.00 each.


Let's see a giant pencil case for my sister. She request a blue giant pencil case. All design by me and just a simple one. I just put her name, pink flower and 3 heart at the back of this pencil case. This pencil case also fit for 20cm ruler. I also put fusible interfacing as a lining inside this pencil case. Start from now, all my handmade especially handphone case, pencil case, coin purse and wallet, i put fusible interfacing as their lining. =)

My Handphone Case

Size : 6 cm x 12 cm

Height : 1.5 cm

This is my first handphone case from felt craft. Pooh theme with smile word at the back. For this handphone case i didn't put any lining inside it. Just a simple handphone case from me as a beginner in felt craft.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New Design

Monster 1

Monster 2

This is my new design. Both of them in pink colour. Actually I did’nt know what it is but it seems cute. So, i call it monster. =P I saw this design in newspaper and try to realize it in my felt craf. So,,take a look..

First Trial In Felt Craft

I want to share with you all my first trial in making felt craft. My first experience and experiment with felt fabric. I’m only use felt in the starter kit that I bought from sus n d felt product to make this items. I make a name tag, keychain and brooch. Hmm..actually need some improvement. Have a look.. =)

Front View

Back View


Blue Star



Starter Kit

Yuhuu,, this is my starter kit which I bought it from the other crafter, Sus n d felt product. In this starter kit you also get the template and the other material to create your own stuff. It’s also provide felt cloth and a tutorial book about how to make a cute items, sewing methods, template etc. You can create your own handmade items using this tutorial book. The explanation are clear and easy to understand. This is the complete guide for the beginner who want to try in making felt craft.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thread Embroidary Keychain

I'm also get an order for thread embroidery keychain. The alphabet or character are embroidered with a special thread. I’m make commercial name keychain, bookmark keychain, keychain hanging and ring keychain. The letter can be ordered is A-Z, number 0-9 and symbols such as love, star, left arrow, right arrow and batik pattern. 

I also upload some of thread embroidary keychain that i have made before.

                                                      1) Commercial Name Keychain

2) Bookmark 


Interested to get it? Don't worry, just click thread embroidary keychain Menu above and fill in the order form. You have priority to choose and combine the two main colours on your own. For the best view choose the dark colour for the background thread.

Welcome To My Blog

First of all,, thank for viewing my blog. Alhamdulillah, this blog is already establish. Actually saya buat blog nih untuk letakkan semua hasil kraf saya.  I'm felt in love with craft again.Suka sangat dengan benda yang cute-cute. Nampak comel. Barang yang saya buat kebanyakan handmade je.

Barang yang saya buat antaranya ialah  keychain, bookmark, pencil case, coin purse, wallet, tissue pouch and more. Saya juga buat keychain sulaman benang menggunakan benang khas. Saya buat sedikit transformation untuk keychain ini berbeza dengan apa yang pelajari suatu ketika dulu. Sesuai jugak untuk sesiapa yang berminat dengan barangan yang cantik nih. I hope you all enjoy viewing my blog, happy browsing and happy crafting.  Kalau berminat dengan barangan kraf nih, bolehlah contact saya ye. =)

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