Friday, March 18, 2011

My Brooch

Yuhuu,,Finally i managed to make this brooch. Actually this is my 2nd trial to make it and finally it's as you look like in the picture above. For the 1st trial, i'm fail to sewing it better and it's difficult to fold it properly because the thickness is only 0.5cm. Flower brooch with 3 different colours of felt. I choose dark green,blue black and yellow felt colour to make this brooch. Happy crafting =)


asma said...

aiii....cantik brooch u buat...kalau u buat guna clips lagi menarik...u buat bentuk reben..sesuai bagi gurls skrg yg ske pkai shawl...^_^
good luck k...aja-aja fighting!!!

eiela said...

thank you sharing kak. Insyaallah, coming soon.

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